APAN is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pellet, produced through “reactive extrusion” in the Aipol plant of Montegranaro.
The TPUs combine the high technical properties of the polyurethane elastomers, to the possibility of processing through a termoplastic technology.
A bridge between rubber and traditional thermoplastics. A large number of applications are possible: wheels, belts, gaskets, screens, hoses, cables, soles for footwear, sport shoes, safety shoes, ski boots, films, coatings, adhesives, etc.
The APAN TPUs are available in a large number of different grades and each one can be tailored to the particular end-use. Is this flexibility that makes TPU as an innovative material.

Very few are the available materials that can guarantee the APAN physical properties:
tensile strenght, abrasion resistance, cut and scratch resistance, low temperatures properties, elasticity and flexural strength, flex life, oil and chemicals resistance, impact strenght, dimensional stability, electrical conductibility, hardness from 60 ShA up to 70 ShD also plasticizers free, easy blending with other polymers, adhesion with other materials, etc.